Our Teaching

Teaching at the undergraduate level is central to the mission of the GeoSyntheSES Lab. During the Fall semester of 2017, Karl is teaching the undergraduate course on Human Use of the Environment, which is a capstone course for students across various departments. This semester there are undergraduate students with majors in five different Colleges at Penn State that are enrolled in the course as well as graduates students representing two Colleges. Innovations in the teaching of this course during the current semester include field trips and joint virtual meetings for environmental problem-solving with students in Peru. Sara Cavallo, a Ph.D student in the Lab, is currently teaching the on-line version of this course that provides undergraduates the option to take either Sara’s web-based offering or the classroom and field-based teaching of the course by Karl.

The Future of Food (Geography 3) is being taught by Marie-Louise Ryan, a Ph.D student in the Lab. This course being taught by Marie-Louise is designed as an important course for recruiting students into the Geography major.

In addition, Karl is teaching the introductory graduate course on Geographical Inquiry that covers theoretical, conceptual, and methodological issues, as well as case studies of research across the fields of GIScience and cartography, human geography, physical geography, and environment and society. Karl teaches this course as a seminar that meets twice weekly for 90 minutes each time. Karl’s teaching during the current semester also involves several independent studies, thesis research, directed research, and thesis supervision, as well as involvement in thesis committees for graduate students at the master’s and Ph.D levels and for undergraduates.